6ix Pizzas

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6ix Pizzas started off as a Ghost Kitchen, in which customers were only able to order off apps such as: UberEats, SkiptheDishes, and Doordash.

6ix Pizzas represents our city to the fullest, from the Toronto themed menu, to the Toronto inspired murals, we let people know this is our city.

Why 6ix

Low Royalties.

There are many factors to why 6ix Pizzas is the best option for you. Aside from low royalties and low advertising costs, 6ix Pizzas is happy to announce that we have teamed up with two other businesses: Almadina Halal Pizza and Sweet Treats.

3 in 1 Business Model.

This means that Franchisees such as yourself will be allowed to use AlMadina Halal Pizza and Sweet Treats as Virtual Kitchens in their 6ix Pizzas store-front. That is 3 businesses in 1!

Low Costs.

Two of the three businesses will be virtual on platforms such as UberEats, DoorDash, SkiptheDishes and 6ix Pizzas will be the main store-front. The BEST part about it is that the two virtual kitchens will be at NO additional cost!

3 in 1 Business Model

Major Benefit

6ix Pizzas has teamed up with Al Madina Halal Pizza and Sweet Treats , to bring to our Franchisees a 3 in 1 Model

Exclusive Territory

3 in 1 Model

Discounted Royalties for first 10 Franchisees

A proven model that works

Low Royalties

Access to our delicious recipes

Great Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

100% Support

Up-to-Date Technology

What is a three in one model ?​

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When you join 6ix Pizzas, you will not only get a traditional 6ix Pizzas store front but you will also benefit from using Al Madina Halal Pizza and Sweet Treats as Virtual Kitchens in your store at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

What are we looking for in Franchisees?

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Do I need to have a pizza-making background?

The answer is no! 6ix Pizzas will provide an extensive 3 week training for all its franchisees, in this 3 weeks you acquire all the skills to being great. If you need more than three weeks our team will be right there with you, helping you strive in every aspect.


What are the costs?

6ix Pizzas wants to give our first 10 franchises the benefits. They will enjoy discounts on royalities and franchise.

Initial Investment:
$150,000 to $300,000

Standard Costs

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Franchise Fee: $25,000

First Ten Franchises

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Franchise Fee: $10,000

Start Your Franchise

1. Fill out this form telling us a bit about yourself
2. Meet in person or a virtual call
3. Review our Franchise Disclosure Document
4.Find a location
5. Apply for Financing if needed
6. Sign the Franchise Disclosure Document
7.Start your entrepreneurial journey

Get your franchise today!


This is often the first question any prospective franchisee asks. There simply is no short answer. Profitability depends on a various amount of factors including operating, occupancy, financing terms, and several other costs. The highest variable tends to be the owner/operator themselves. What we can say is that we do our best to set you up for success and pride ourselves on our brand.
Prospective franchisees will commit to a minimum 1 month long training program. The training will take place on-site at one of our existing locations to be determined by the Franchisor. At this time the prospective franchisee will be taught our procedures in all positions of our restaurant. If at the end of the one month term the franchisee is not ready – the training program will be extended. Once the training program and construction are complete we will have a grand opening event. At this time we will supply two people to be with you for the first week to ensure a smooth transition into your new business.
Your rate will include a turn-key restaurant. This means that it will be inclusive of construction, equipment, signage, franchise fee, grand opening advertising, training program, etc. The only things not included will be your initial inventory, your own time and expenses for the training program, and accommodations if necessary for the two personnel provided for the opening week.
6ix Pizzas is a family oriented company and has seen its’ best successes with franchisees who have a healthy support system. We search for hard working and driven individuals who are ready to roll-up their sleeves. Experience within the restaurant industry is a bonus but not absolutely mandatory. Our training program provides you with extensive knowledge and ensures you are ready to run a restaurant. We are looking for individuals who are able to give this business their best.
The longest part of the process is always site selection. Once the site has been selected construction of your turn-key business can be completed in 2-4 months depending on circumstances. While construction is happening – training, financing, legalities are all happening concurrently so that you’ll be ready when your store is ready.
Our traditional style restaurants look for sites that are well-anchored plazas or on high-traffic routes. Visibility is paramount in establishing a presence within the community. Our sites often range between 1200-1800 square feet but can change based on the community / circumstances. Accessibility is important which is why we ensure each unit has ample parking and easy access from roadways.
The best way to get more information is to fill out the form below and tell us about yourself. When filling out the form, try to include as much information about yourself as possible including what market you might be interested in. Someone will return your e-mail promptly.